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God's invitation

Here is God's Invitation

We are all sinners. This just means that we do not and cannot meet God's standard of righteousness. And we cannot become what we are supposed to be without Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:24-26)

We all deserve death as punishment for our sins. However, God sent His son to take our place. Jesus died so that we might be saved from the eternal punishment that we deserve. He took our place on a cross. God loves us so much that he sent his son to take our place. (John 3:16)

The Bible says, "Repent of your sins and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped away." (Acts 2:38) To repent means to turn the other way. When we repent, rather than running from God, we run toward Him. This starts by acknowledging that we need His grace and forgiveness.

When you accept this invitation from God, you have decided to open your heart and life to the residence of Christ in your life. (Revelation 3:20) 

If you would like to accept this invitation from God, pray this prayer:

Dear God, I know that I'm a sinner. I believe you died for my sins. I turn from my sins and invite you into my heart. I confess you now as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank you for saving me. Amen.

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