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Consider the "Pride" Agenda

Updated: Jun 6

BY: Steve McGill

June has arrived, and that means that the government and their ilk have decided that it’s time to celebrate, for an entire month, the worst of the seven deadly sins: Pride.

On Sunday, Nampa, Idaho is scheduled to host its first ever LGBT Pride Festival. The mayor claims that while she doesn’t agree with the philosophy, they are entitled to their first amendment rights. I suppose that’s true, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that the first amendment ultimately always produces good. It doesn’t. And in fact, if America doesn’t wake up to the fact that this so-called “community” is not only perverse but most certainly after our children, then it will be, in part, due to first amendment rights that we will eventually crumble as a nation.

The Pride campaign has brought with it a suspension of biological reality, and it’s fast becoming the norm throughout the world; namely, preferred pronouns. America is leading the charge at a sprint. To boot, this fake identification is becoming protected by law, thus fueling the already out of control fire that’s destroying the fabric of a once God-fearing nation. Titles have become the defense mechanism of the bottom-feeders who will be showing their wears at the coming festival in Nampa. Not only do they use their “preferred pronouns,” but they frequently belch out terms like “birthing parent” and “chest feeder.” 

And our current (p)Resident in the White House seems giddy to bombard our children with this sick and demented movement. In his interview with the Daily Wire, Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) said, “Bureaucrats in the Biden administration seem obsessed with the personal lives of vulnerable children—it’s creepy.” He’s right. It IS creepy. And it’s evil.

In their concupiscence for children, LGBT parades, festivals, and much, much more have infiltrated not only our major cities. In our small towns they’ve infested the places that our youth often gather. Our public schools have largely caved to the Pride monsters. Public libraries host “drag queen story hours,” reading titles such as the following: “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel with explicit sexual content, “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which includes descriptions of anal sex and masturbation, “I Love My Colorful Nails,” about a boy whose classmates laugh at him when he paints his nails, “Ho’onani: Hula Warrior” about a Hawaiian girl who wants to lead the all-boys hula troupe at her school, and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish” by Lil Miss Hot Mess, a founder of Drag Queen Story Hour, which is a nursery rhyme book about drag shows. This "community" is doing everything in their destructive power to ensure the membership of our children.

“So, I’ll keep them away from the public libraries,” you say? Try to peruse almost any of the readily available shows on Netflix, Disney, Peacock, or any of the others, including the alphabet networks, without seeing the filth of the LGBT agenda at the very top of the list. The left have organized well, to be sure. If things are going to change for the better, those interested in preserving the dignity of children will absolutely be required to organize even more effectively. 

Not enough can be said for the importance of instilling values in our youth that are not consistent with the values represented by the pride flag. However, more is necessary. We need to get out and be seen and heard. But so many are sitting back, doing nothing of the sort.

Where are the churches? Why are pastors and priests and other ministers not informing their congregations of the dangers of this evil agenda? The very lives of their children are at stake! By the thousands in cities across America, good parents and grandparents should be picketing and protesting these god-awful and society-ruining monsters. One event at a time, it wouldn’t take much to organize such an endeavor. Maybe they’re too busy with their football games and their social media obsessions and their weekend trips and their precious hobbies of this sort or another. So many of them roll their eyes at the filth that’s being summarily injected into the youth of today’s America, and then they go on their happy-go-lucky way, satisfying their own pitiful passions. Thank God, some are doing something about it. 

CatholicVote, a nonprofit that focuses on promoting Catholic values, is urging families to plan a visit to their local public libraries early this month. They’ve been directed to check out all the “Pride Month” books they can find on the shelves and take them home, placing them out of the reach of their children. Then they’ll will return them on time, and check them out again if any days remain in the month. That’s planning that’s simple, effective, and necessary.

“But I don’t belong to a church! What can I do?” To start, if you see any Pride parafernalia at your local library, bank, coffee shop, etc., kindly inform the individual in charge that you don’t appreciate the ballyhoo of a fake community with intentions to corrupt children and that you would greatly appreciate it if they would consider removing it. Another course of action would be to voice your concern over any Pride related curriculum that might be found at your child’s school. Better yet, remove your child from the public school system altogether. (For more on this, see the blog entry titled “Consider the Intentions of the Public School System.) Finally, you might consider picketing at any Pride events taking place in your community (Notice in this case the word “community” is appropriately used), and show up with a placard that warns, in some way, of the destructive nature of these predators. In fact, I know of one of these abhorrent events taking place on Sunday, June 9th in Nampa, Idaho. It starts at 1:00 and ends at 4:00—Three hours of publicly displayed perversion for all the children to see.

On the topic of the Pride community, Psychologist Jordon Peterson said, “You should be careful what you name things, and pride is not a virture. . . Pride means something like stubborn refusal to change when evidence of error is accruing, and [pride] is not a good thing." 

Only a disturbed, doomed culture celebrates pride. It is way past time to fight the filth that has infiltrated our nation. They’ve waged a war--a spiritual war against the dignity and innocence of our children. Join the battle. Defend the dignity of our children. Speak up. Show up. Act now.

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